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Calendaring Conundrum

I've stood by Outlook to do my calendaring to a fault (to the point of insanity sometimes). As finicky as Outlook can be, I've stuck with it for 20 years. Recently, calendaring—and Tasks, Contacts, etc.—became hugely complicated: enter multiple devices and even worse, multiple computers running Outlook, and the addition of a smartphone. The hard […]

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Offer it Online

E-commerce took parts of our technological and everyday life by storm, quite a few years ago. Long before most of us had an online presence, eBay was trailblazing its way into consumer history. Today, we expect companies to have some kind of online presence. Whether or not you sell online, there are exist a multitude […]

October 8, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Ode to the Virtual Assistant

In order to grow your business, you can’t do everything in your business. Example: You know a little bit more than most about websites and HTML, so you decide you’ll build your own website. You might even use one of the many (they’re prolific) online website building tools. Let’s even assume you do end up […]

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3 Key Apps to Organize Your Business Now

At this point, most business people have Smartphones or tablets. You take them wherever they go. By investing a little time, and in some cases, a few dollars, you can get apps for your device that will help you quickly organize and locate the information you need at your fingertips. This brief post will introduce […]

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10 Tips to Market Your Services More Successfully

Whether B2B or B2C, in a glut of service-based businesses, we've compiled a few tips that will help you stand out, and get the $$ attention you want. Add three more “P’s” to the Four P’s of Marketing: People, Process, and Physical evidence. (The last one means you should incorporate tangible ‘experiences’ to augment your […]

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I’ll Finish it Later…

A long time ago, before completing my post-secondary education, I worked for a butcher. (I know, a shocking revelation from a vegetarian.) The shop’s owner was a mean-spirited, ill-tempered man. I didn't have a lot of working experience at the time, admittedly. Nevertheless, there seemed no way I could satisfy my boss. That said, he […]

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Selling Your Services Online

If you’re a service-based industry, you face challenges that product-based companies don’t. Perhaps two of the biggest hurdles you need to overcome are how to compete with so many others vying for attention, and how to make your service more attractive, or ‘tangible’. Additionally, you may not get to meet your clients face-to-face, so you […]

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Organize Your Inbox

Programs like Outlook (perhaps especially Outlook), offer several serious, but relatively easy ways for you to organize your e-mail messages. Have a look at the screen capture at the right: In DVA, my main account folder, I have created several other subfolders to help keep me organized (e.g.,  Read & Review, and Technology) Within Inbox, […]

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Take the Shortcut to Your Favorite Windows Program

Windows, and all programs that run in a Windows environment, offers numerous keyboard shortcuts. Here’s a basic example: pressing the Windows key and the letter “E” opens Computer (Windows Explorer). But what if you wanted a quick way to open one of your favorite programs, and what if the icon for it wasn’t on your […]

June 25, 2013 | 0 Comments More

Start your Car & Drive Business with your Smartphone

I still use a key in the ignition to start my car; but I’m wasting my strength: there’s an app for that! There are loads of articles out there on the subject of unique uses for smartphones. Here I’d to draw on one I saw recently in the online version (of course) of Readers Digest. […]

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