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10 Tips to Market Your Services More Successfully

3 min read

Whether B2B or B2C, in a glut of service-based businesses, we’ve compiled a few tips that will help you stand out, and get the $$ attention you want.

  1. Add three more “P’s” to the Four P’s of Marketing: People, Process, and Physical evidence. (The last one means you should incorporate tangible ‘experiences’ to augment your service.)
  2. Tell your prospects and existing clients more about you, or give them a way to find out.
  3. Stay in touch. Whether social networking, a new campaign, or an occasional e-mail or call.
  4. Remember, you are the ‘product’. Sell yourself.
  5. Offer incentives to coax the customer to make more than one purchase.
  6. Your clients have unique needs: try to meet their needs head on.
  7. Market creatively. For example, send your brochure on a USB the customer gets to keep.
  8. Don’t spam. Let people give you their permission and keep your list current.
  9. Consider sending old-fashioned, snail-mail letters to your clients.
  10. Share your knowledge freely, and position yourself as the expert you are.