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6 Questions Your Online Profile Should Answer

5 min read

You know you should become involved with social media but before you do, consider your online profile first, because once you make a connection they’ll want to learn more about you before requesting your services.

Consider the following when creating your online biography:

Who are YOU?

Business cards are no longer enough. The tech savvy consumer wants to know more about you before they chance picking up the phone to call. Not only do they want to research homes online, they want to research service providers too. Even those who are new to the internet will follow a link to investigate you before deciding to make contact. Make research easy for them by having your information readily available.

Where are you?

In the past, when businesses advertised, they always offered a way for consumers to reach them by including a brick and mortar address. An online page serves the same purpose, except people don’t have to leave the comfort of their homes. Whether it’s a web site or blog bio, Google profile, or facebook fan page, the people you connect with need somewhere to learn about your services. Where this page resides will depend upon your online marketing strategy. (You do have an online strategy, don’t you?)

If your only online presence is a company sponsored template web site, use the bio page there. You’d be surprised how many websites serve blank or default profile pages! If you blog, pay special attention to the ‘about’ page. For advanced users who have multiple online portals to content, consider pointing a domain or sub domain name directly to a profile page with all your contact info consolidated. Include phone numbers and addresses for your physical office, email, web sites and active social media platforms. Increase your potential customer comfort levels by allowing them to choose how to contact you.

What are you?

Once you evaluate where the majority of your online efforts reside, turn your attention to creating a bio that represents YOUR personality. Consumers want to learn about you and the skills you bring to the negotiating table; this is your opportunity to set yourself apart. So many biographies are professional – but boring. You are more memorable if you explain why you’ve developed a love of cars and how that hobby has enhanced your career over the years.

Why you?

Make the profile compelling. Do it in a way that reflects your personality. Humor or story telling can be used to engage the reader. If you’re not a great writer, hire one! A well written bio can make the difference between a casual consumer using your services – or not. Allow potential clients to find a common interest, at the very least they will remember you! It’s your opportunity to stand out in a sea of sameness.

How are you different?

Whatever you do, don’t plagiarize someone else. Understand there are many who perform the same job, but we are all unique with a different combination of strengths and skills. Capitalize on those differences. By now, you’ve undoubtedly heard you should choose a marketing niche, the same can be said for your bio. Understand what makes your skills and services different and you will attract the clients who are looking for YOU.

When to contact?

Make it easy for consumers to get to know you by adding your online address to all your literature, emails, and your social media profiles. Provide opportunities for them to give you their contact information. If you’ve done a good job making your information available, they’ll approach you when in need of your services.