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6 Ways AI Benefit Web Design

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Artificial Intelligence is the ability of machines to reason and act like humans. A machine, that appears to think and rationalize like us by accessing large data stores and choosing the best option, or best response to on-the-fly criteria, as presented.

Since ChatGPT was presented to the world two months ago, people have been flocking to the platform to test the extent of its capabilities. It has proven quite capable in a variety of scenarios.

For most business owners bogged down in a mire of daily duties, ChatGPT gives us a starting point for content, lists, and ideas. It also can write or debug code.

Can ChatGPT or any other AI programs replace your web designer? No, not yet! And honestly, you wouldn’t want it to. There are still shortcomings that require a human editor and decision maker. Not to mention a solid project manager. But, it can help a web design project move faster or offer more ideas quickly.

After reviewing the program and reading what other forward thinkers have said about Artificial Intelligence, I’ve come up with 6 ways AI benefit web design now or in the near future:

1) Personalization

AI Will Benefit Web Design through Personalization (text)

AI will analyze user behavior and preferences and use this information to create personalized web experiences and tailored content.

Personalizing a website journey using AI benefit web design because it improves user experience by providing content, features, and services tailored to their interests and preferences. This personalization increases engagement and satisfaction, saving the user from wading through pages or paragraphs of unnecessary information. Personalization helps increase conversion rates, as users are more likely to take action when they feel that the website is meeting their specific needs. Benefits are achieved through various techniques, such as personalizing the layout and design, recommending content, or customizing the user interface.

2) Optimization

AI Will Benefit Web Design through Optimization (text)

Colors, layouts, and design can increase user engagement and conversions. AI will help optimize website layouts, colors, and overall design, to improve user engagement and conversion rates. Finding the best colors, graphical elements, and layout will be faster and easier using AI rather than human trial and error.

3) Automation

AI Will Benefit Web Design through Automation (text)

AI benefit web design because automation of repetitive tasks, such as image resizing and content creation, can be completed quickly and easily.

It will use algorithms to perform tasks of optimization, code generation, and website testing. For example, an AI-powered program can be trained to recognize patterns in web design, such as common layouts and color schemes, and use that information to generate new designs or make suggestions for improvements. 

Additionally, AI-powered testing tools can automatically identify and fix bugs and issues in website code, saving web designers significant time and effort.

In the future, designers and developers will focus on more creative and strategic work.

4) Accessibility

AI Will Benefit Web Design with Accessibility (text)

Accessibility in web design refers to the practice of making websites usable for people with disabilities. This includes people with visual, auditory, motor, and cognitive impairments. 

AI benefit web design by making it easier for business owners to improve accessibility on websites. AI will automatically generate alternative text for images and provide text-to-speech functionality. Ensuring a website is accessible helps make it usable by as many people as possible.

5) User experience

AI Will Benefit Web Design through improved User Experience (text)

AI benefit web design when user experience is improved by AI, because it will free up human customer service representatives to handle more complex or nuanced inquiries. AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants will answer customer queries in real-time, any time of the day or night. AI chatbots and automated virtual assistants will handle frequently asked questions, provide information, and assist with basic tasks such as account management and order tracking. 

If the customers or website visitor isn’t getting their question answered, there will be a way to escalate to a human representative.

6) Analyzing website data

AI Will Benefit Web Design by analyzing website data (text)

Analyzing website data quickly and thoroughly will be another benefit to web design because it will be easier to make recommendations for improving the overall website user experience.

AI can analyze various types of data on websites to improve user experience, including:

  1. User behavior data, such as click-through rates, scroll depth, and time on site which provides insight into how users interact with the website and identify areas for improvement.
  2. Search data, such as keywords used and search results clicked which improves search optimization and content creation.
  3. User feedback data, such as surveys and reviews which provide valuable insights into what users like and dislike about the website.
  4. Demographic data, such as age, gender, and location which help tailor the website to specific segments of users.
  5. Technical data, such as page load times and browser types, which helps identify and fix technical issues that may be impacting user experience.
  6. A/B testing data which can be used to compare the performance of different website designs and identify which design elements work best.

This can all be done now with existing programs and human interaction but with the use of AI, it should become faster, easier, and more user friendly.

Do I see AI as the death knell of my industry? Absolutely not. It will become more important for companies to work with experienced strategists in the future. AI benefit web design, but it may change how we do our work.

PS – Part of this article was written using Artificial Intelligence. I was still required to review it and expand on the basic ideas ChatGPT presented. It still took my time and experience to polish the information.