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7-Figure Small with Brian Clark

4 min read

Always looking to learn, a year ago I bought a course on newsletter curation which included a membership in the 7-Figure Small group. I knew the name Brian Clark, and wanted to hear what he had to say. Afterall, he started Copyblogger, was a key player in Studiopress before it was sold, and has built several other businesses.

Recently I renewed my membership with 7-Figure Small because I find the conversation and input from group members informative and intellectually stimulating. It’s also the first group I’ve participated in that is a model for what a community should be. It’s well-run and the Community Manager (Jerod in the podcast), is one of the best. Jerod and the community continuously impress me.

So, when Jerod asked to interview me about living as a Digital Nomad on this podcast, I said, “YES!” Of course, I thought it was just for the group and if you listen to the podcast, you will hear the moment I realized it was open to the public. (Seriously, take a look at who else has appeared on the 7-Figure Small podcast!)

If you are wondering whether the Digital Nomad lifestyle is right for you, or can’t quite figure out the logistics, this podcast is a great place to start.

What It’s Really Like to Be a Digital Nomad

If you are a small business entrepreneur or solopreneur and want to connect with others striving to scale into a 7 figure business, I recommend the Unemployable group! You can find them at