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Benefits of a Virtual Assistant over an On-site Assistant

4 min read

I came across an article by Carrie Gable of RealSupport Inc explaining why using a virtual assistant instead of an in office assistant is more beneficial.

She makes several good points particularly since the true value of a VA isn’t easily seen in the dollar amount. For example, a VA self-trains at her/his own cost. You do not pay any employment related costs such as taxes or benefits since a VA is self-employed. You only pay for the time a Virtual assistant works, with an in-house assistant you are also paying for coffee breaks, social interaction or trying to keep them busy while you take your deserved time off.

The greatest benefit is expertise. Definitely the knowledge, but also the experience that can only be tapped when you collaborate with an assistant who engages multiple clients. They know first hand what programs or online platforms work, which ones don’t and whether they would benefit you. They can quickly list the positives and negatives to help you determine a fit before you spend your hard earned dollars. I have often problem solved issues for online services, simply because I have multiple clients using them. One office assistant will not be able to quickly determine whether an issue is local, platform or server related. A significant amount of time is saved just by understanding where to look.

I met with Dan Walker of River’s End Consulting yesterday and he said something that applies perfectly to this discussion. Don’t look at it as an expense, it’s an investment that will provide you with a return.

If you’re considering investing in a virtual assistant, call me and I’ll explain the many returns.