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Building Community with WishList Member

4 min read

Did you know that you can turn your WordPress site into a membership site?

You can with the WishList Member plugin!

Wishlist Member allows users to create a site that offers a secure membership area, and the ability to create different membership levels with targeted access to each.


  • Sequential content releases
  • Free, trial or paid memberships
  • Hide or display content based on viewers level on the same page!
  • Product downloads
  • Shopping cart integration
  • Member management

So who would use this?

  • You could use Wishlist Member if you wanted to create a community.
    For Example: Realtors could develop it and work with HOA’s to create a neighborhood website where HOA’s could share information with other homeowners in the community but not with the general public.
  • You could use Wishlist Member if you had a product to sell.
    For example this could be a plugin product. Members would have private access to downloads and support documents
  • You could use Wishlist Member if you had a information to sell.
    For example if you are an expert on a particular topic, people will pay to have you share your knowledge through articles, podcasts and/or videos.
  • You could use Wishlist Member if you had a course to offer.
    For example, you could teach people how to arrange flowers through a series of online courses.
  • Learn more about the top 10 membership models here.

The type of community you create is only limited by your imagination! As a matter of fact this recent article in Bloomburg Business Week, suggests that smaller social networks will be more prominent in the future. Integrating Wishlist Member with a user forum is possible.

Benefits of Membership Sites:

  1. An obvious channel to build and maintain relationships with your customers/clients.
  2. People who invest in your site, are more likely to invest time commenting and responding which in turn improves the member experience.
  3. Opportunity to earn residual income. Once the content has been created it can be resold (depending upon your membership model) over and over again.
  4. Availability of feedback on upcoming products or features.
  5. Opportunity to share information via multiple mediums; written word, video, audio, visual aids.
  6. The content can grow with the site. Since you have the ability to time release, you can create the content as you go, rather than requiring it be complete in it’s entirety before launching.
  7. You can set up tiered memberships and control access to content based on membership level.

Think a Membership Site is for you? You can purchase the Wishlist Member Plugin here.

If you’d like somebody to develop it for you, we’ve purchased the license on your behalf and can get you set up quickly.

Contact us for more information.

Thanks to Billy Strawter for the head’s up on the Bloomburg article.