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Can You See That?

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Web browsers like Firefox, Safari, Chrome and others allow you to zoom in on a page. There’s a keyboard shortcut for that, which I’ll get to a in a moment, but what most people do is go to the Tools menu (the icon looks like a wrench on some browsers), choose Zoom, and then type in the level they want, or click the – or + sign. Here’s shortcut: Next time you’re browsing on the Net and want to zoom in or out, press CTRL + or CTRL -.

Sometimes you need to zoom in on the smallest part of a screen, and in fact it may not be while browsing or surfing the Net at all. For example, you may need to demonstrate something on a laptop or tablet that requires close-up inspection, or you may be in a classroom. Windows has a number of accessibility tools that most of us wouldn’t think of using, and one very useful one is Windows Magnifier. To begin, click Start, (All) Programs, Accessories, Accessibility, and then Magnifier. Voila! You will immediately be magnifying areas of the screen as you move your mouse pointer around. This tool has a few settings you can experiment with. Once you see the Magnifier window, minimize it (unless you need to change the settings). To close it, go back to the Taskbar, right-click the icon, and choose Close.

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