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Playing Hide & Seek with Contact Info on Your Web Site

4 min read

How many times have you gone to a web site and had to search for contact information?

One of the key – but often overlooked – reasons for a website is to make your contact information accessible. Once that potential client is ready to contact you, don’t make them look for your information!

Where should you place your contact info on your web site?

  • On a Contact Us page
  • In the Header and/or sidebar
  • In the footer

In other words, anywhere you think a client might look for you!

Then make it easier for them – ensure the links are clickable so they don’t have to write your phone number or email down.

So many people don’t put their email address on their web sites because the email addresses get scraped and then you are spammed beyond your wildest imagination.

Here’s a tip: Use an alternate email address on your web site so if you do get spammed, it’s not into your main account.

Another tip: Use some sort of spam control either on your email addresses or on your web site.

The most important tip: If you use spam control on your web site, ensure it doesn’t make it more frustrating for your clients to contact you! It’s worth sorting through the chaff to get the wheat!