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CyberCletch Web Design Services

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After several articles on web design, I thought I’d share some of the recent web sites CyberCletch has created.  You’ve probably heard me say that I’m lucky to have the best clients in the world… and these people are included! If you are looking for services in their area of expertise, I have no problem recommending them!

Fresh Coat of Paint

Our most recent web site to go live was built for Dinny Evans of We updated Dinny’s previous site, which had been built by another designer. Our focus was on increasing the small font size and improving structural usability for visitors while incorporating an event calendar and blog We also made it search engine friendly while improving the overall design.


Before: Forgive Coach


Shiny & New

Another recent new build was for A Massage Above the Rest.  Rob is a Detroit-based massage therapist who has been in business several years but desperately needed his first web site.  He was looking for a design that could grow with his business. CyberCletch created the design for his needs, helped him write the initial content, and sourced the rights to affordable images.  If you hear me talk about getting a massage, Rob comes right to my house which is very convenient!

Super Size Me!

Premier is an established organization that actually consists of three companies. Their web site, which had been built by another designer, did not adequately represent their size or professionalism and they were concerned it may dissuade potential clients from contracting with them.  CyberCletch gathered information on each of their divisions, did additional research, wrote all the content, sourced the images, and created a design worthy of their status in the industry.




Traffic Booster Web Sites

CyberCletch’s custom designed websites begin at $2500 and are an ideal place to start for companies wanting put their best foot forward for clients AND search engines.  Sometimes that price shuts out businesses that are just starting out.  We want to help these businesses too and have designed template sites that are on a $119 per month payment plan for a year.  What’s key about these sites is they position you to generate traffic from the start, and you have the ability to add features on a regular basis! You CAN build the site of your dreams on a limited budget.

Let me know if you would like additional information on this new, one of a kind, service!  Call 248-842-5527 for details on CyberCletch web design services.