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Designer Fashion in the Web Site Building World

4 min read

Is there a website in your future?

Whether you’re website building for the first time or revamping an existing site, the wonderful world of web design is always evolving and changing. Site designs fall in and out of style just like those cute wedge heels or that colorful bow tie.

The huge difference between changes in fashion and building web sites is that changes in web design are usually driven by function and usability.

A site driven solely by design, although intriguing to look at, often locks your average visitor off the runway. They may not understand the design – or worse – the design may not allow the search engines to invite people to visit.

On the other hand, the web site is an extension of your company and often the first line of contact for your future clients. You want it to make a good impression. You want your visitors to get what they came for, while intriguing them enough to reach out to you for more.

Form and function can step out together on your site but it’s really important to consider some key elements. We’ll cover some of those key elements in future articles.

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