Ideal Customer Persona

If you haven’t already created a customer persona, also referred to as buyer personas or client avatars, this process should help you do so.

Why should you create a customer persona?

If you are building a website, it gives both of us insights into your ideal customer, the one who is most likely to purchase your product or service. The website needs to appeal to them while providing them with the information they are searching for in an appealing format. We want everything in place to ensure a positive buying decision.

After the website is complete, a customer persona can help you better target your marketing, social media, and content creation.

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Getting To Know Your Ideal Customer Persona

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You can do this once or twice more to get your secondary and third Customer Personas if you have multiple target markets.  For example, a non-profit might focus on donors and volunteers and would need a persona for each segment of their business model.