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I’m Not Sure. But, It’s Okay Podcast | Forging new paths and unseen frontiers

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About the Podcast Host

LaToniya Jones is a mover and shaker in the mathematics underbelly of Detroit. A self-proclaimed Math Ambassador, she has made it her life’s purpose to teach people to fall in love with math. She asserts that numbers are not as scary as some of us have been led to believe. Using real-world examples, she makes what seems murky and grey, come into crystal clear focus for those of us who are numerically challenged ~ no matter our age!

Living Better. Learning Daily. Leading Boldly.

I’m Not Sure. But It’s Okay podcast is a passion project. LaToniya has set out to interview 100 guests who share their personal stories about navigating self-awareness, self-discovery, resilience, and faith — through uncertainty. I was honored to be Guest #1.

Catch up with LaToniya and her other guests on her website