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What Kind of Content Should I Share?

4 min read

So many entrepreneurs are so ensconced in the day-to-day activities of their business, it’s near difficult for them to slow down and do the planning required to create a solid content strategy. So often I hear them ask, “What kind of content should I share?”

I’m sure you’re no different. You’re wondering if sharing all this content will only serve to give your competitors a leg up, you’re wondering if you have the energy and time to create for yourself, you’re wondering if there’s an easier way.

The first and most important consideration is your company goals.

Your content creation strategy needs to be in alignment with your professional objectives. Although each business has individualized goals, there are still some topics that are fairly generic across businesses.

  • Turn any questions your clients have into content. Questions occur throughout the sales process, pre-purchase, during the purchase and post-purchase.
  • Educate your client about your products and services. Again this can apply to before and after the sale. Use your posts as a training opportunity.
  • Provide case studies. Explain how your product or service solved a problem.
  • Testimonials – provide a platform allowing your clients to share how your product or service made them feel. What issues it resolved.

Another source of content creation ideas can come from topics surrounding your product or service.

Consider where in the sales funnel you want to introduce yourself to your ideal client.  The higher the price point of your product or service, the longer the funnel is.  For example, Real Estate Agents have an opportunity to start filling their sales funnel LONG before the client is ready to buy or sell.

How do they do this using a content strategy?

By sharing information related to or in common with their services.  Home maintenance tips or community events aren’t directly tied to buying and selling real estate but building relationships with people and being a resource for these items keeps them “top of mind.”

Establish yourself as an expert on all items related to your business so when your community is ready to buy, YOU are who they call.