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Lessons from InfusionCon

4 min read

It’s been a couple of days since the end of InfusionCon and I’ve finally had some time to process the enormous amount of information I absorbed. There were times when I didn’t think I could possibly learn anymore. I absorbed tips and techniques, had a lot of fun and came away motivated and excited. Plus, it was very cool to temporarily be a part of a larger team.

The single biggest lesson I learned?

I need to start effectively using the software I am paying for! I purchased access to the Infusionsoft 15 months ago. I jumped on board because they were running a special before instituting a mandatory set up fee. I wasn’t quite ready to begin using it, but hey… I was going to save a thousand dollars! I now understand how important it is to invest initially; I’ve barely used the software, and have struggled to make sense of how the system worked.

If you are considering the software for your company, be thankful when you pay for set up! The Infusionsoft experts will help create a strategy and get your system up and running so you can reap the benefits immediately.

InfusionCon taught me how the software works while the classes and case studies helped me visualize the variety of ways I could utilize it. I’ve already begun establishing internal systems to help with handling leads and new clients. Plus they have a new release coming out this month! I’m excited about getting my hands on this, as the interface is much more intuitive.

What I learned surprised me!

I didn’t expect to walk away from the conference looking at my business differently, but I did. I’ve intentionally limited my monthly sales goal because I want quality of life outside the office. I now see how it’s possible to take on additional business without increasing my hours IN the business. InfusionSoft is like having an automated virtual assistant – the tasks that the software performs will free us up to focus on other key areas.

If you haven’t seen the software but are curious about how it can help your small business seamlessly combine marketing, CRM and e-commerce – check out this demo – and if you should decide to purchase, let me know because we’ll both get a deal.

Did I mention 99% deliverability for your email?

That alone makes the monthly fee worthwhile.