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Marketing in Code

4 min read

Marketing surveys have shown an increasing awareness in the use of QR codes; this is the truest among Smartphone users. One such survey, courtesy of comScore, Inc., shows the following statistics:

“European smartphone users scanning QR codes via their devices grew by 96 percent in the past year to 17.4 million users for the three month average period ending July 2012.”

“Nearly 3 in every 4 QR code scans resulted in users receiving product information, making this the most popular type of result across Europe.”

QR Code for 7 MistakesWould the use of QR codes impact your business? Possibly, like all marketing, your strategy needs to evaluated. While you are reading this article in CyberCletch’s Time Saving Tips pages, the QR Code at the right leads to a special report on 7 mistakes you should avoid when building your web site. Have the right app? Try it out now! QR codes are more effective and get higher interaction rates in print, such as magazines or easy to reach signs. They are utilized less via email or on a web site; it makes more sense to use a traditional link in those instances.

There are numerous websites that offer information, statistics, or even QR Code generators. It’s easy to do, and their uses—from business cards to brochures—are numerous. Try Decide what kind of data type (Facebook, for example), type in your URL, choose a color (if you’d rather not have black), and an output type. Generate the code, then download (or print) and go. By the way, QR Code readers—like QR Reader of QR Droid for Android smartphones—are easy to come by in your app store.