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Matching Needs with Products and Services

4 min read

I hate wasting time and money. Recently I needed to purchase a set of pots. I didn’t want to spend much money because I have a tendency to burn the bottoms. So I went to Walmart and bought a set of Paula Deen copper bottom pots for about $120.

Along with nearly burning my house down, I really hate these pots. I feel as though I’ve wasted my money, but since there are many other items I need, I’m obligated to put up with them for a while. My omelettes taste burnt even though they aren’t overcooked. As I dumped another omelette down the garbage disposal this morning, I wished I had someone to help me pick out the right set of pots for my needs. I wouldn’t mind spending more:

  • if I knew they could withstand my cooking forgetful habits
  • if they were the right type of pot for my smooth cooktop
  • if they didn’t add a nasty burnt taste to my food

Then I realized that is exactly what has made my virtual assistant business successful over the years. I save my clients time and money by knowing their skill levels, their work habits and then I match them with the right technology programs and services. If you would like to know more about how I might be able to save you time and money, contact me. I promise not to cook for you!