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Momentum Crash

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I was moving along quite nicely with my business consulting sessions, when the momentum came to a crashing halt. Due to a full schedule I had to prioritize in order to keep on top of my responsibilities and the sessions fell to the bottom of the list. Not a proud moment since I realize that the entire purpose of the sessions is to eventually free up MY time by creating a business that runs smoothly and efficiently.

The reality is it’s difficult to give up money in the moment for future ease, but I’m actually looking forward to my schedule simmering down so I can get back to the business of improving my company. I haven’t yet met the business challenge of increasing my profit by 33% but a parallel business endeavor may have pushed out the deadline a few months and bought me more building time.

So thinking back to my last couple of sessions with my consultant, I was working on a business mission statement. The process was enlightening to say the least. After interviewing me (Dan refers to himself as a professional 4 year old since he questions incessantly), he concluded the term “virtual assistance” was an inadequate description of my services and recommended changing my company classification.

I hadn’t yet heard the term Virtual Assistant, spawned by Anastacia Brice, when I began offering my skills to local Realtors in Columbus, Ohio. CyberCletch did not begin as a virtual assistance company, it began as an affordable marketing alternative to graphic designers and added virtual assistance at a later date. Once I adopted the term virtual assistant, there were so few offering these services, I rode the crest of a wave into a new and now booming industry.

I do believe it’s time I go back to my roots, while offering virtual assistance as one of many services.

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