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No Parking Tickets with ‘Parked’ Domains

4 min read

The phrase “park it” has taken on a whole new meaning in the realm of technology! Take the following scenario, which I think will explain what this process entails…

You have decided to start a business, and have done your homework. The business name is available in your local state or province, and the Top-Level Domain (TLD) is as well. Great! Or is it? What if you weren’t ready to open the doors for your business quite yet, but were worried about potentially losing the TLD you’ve been eye-balling? The answer’s simple: you can purchase the TLD, and ‘park’ it. In fact, as long as the domain isn’t active (doesn’t have any content, isn’t being currently used for e-mail, etc.) it is already parked. And you didn’t have to do anything! Sometimes, business savvy types will buy up several domains and ‘park’ them, in the hopes they can re-sell them at some point in the future. The scope of this brief tip, however, doesn’t cover that topic.

There are people who can help you sort through the morass of information on TLDs, subdomains, websites in general, and Web hosting. Sometimes a firm will act on your behalf to provide you both with hosting, and a domain name. Bonus!

You can buy and park your domain name here.