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Ode to the Virtual Assistant

4 min read

In order to grow your business, you can’t do everything in your business. Example: You know a little bit more than most about websites and HTML, so you decide you’ll build your own website. You might even use one of the many (they’re prolific) online website building tools. Let’s even assume you do end up building a site. Then you discover … it’s not everything you need. Or you get some feedback about its usability (almost a separate discipline in itself), and you’re disappointed to find out people have problems navigating between its various pages. Even if you get past that, did you stop to consider who will do the regular updates? You’ve got to have fresh content, after all.

Virtual Assistants, especially those who have been formally trained in one way or another, could prove to be a fabulous asset to you. Most are very technologically astute, organized, and efficient. You don’t ‘hire’ them in the way you hire employees. They usually have a full-featured home office set up, and sometimes have an array of software and the skills to go with it that you couldn’t hope to possess. You only pay for the time they actually take to get the job done.

Most good VAs offer anything from minimum blocks of time, to packages, to monthly retainers. Had you hired a VA in the first place, whether to build or maintain that website, organize your e-mail, or regularly take care of all that ‘back office’ stuff, your investment would have already paid off.

Consider allowing a good VA to ‘sweat some of the small stuff’ for you, while you carry on growing your business, and getting satisfaction from the tasks you actually like to do.  Consider CyberCletch.