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Offer it Online

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E-commerce took parts of our technological and everyday life by storm, quite a few years ago. Long before most of us had an online presence, eBay was trailblazing its way into consumer history. Today, we expect companies to have some kind of online presence. Whether or not you sell online, there are exist a multitude of strategies and resources that will allow you to get the word out.

I love to frequent the neighborhood and support local merchants. But the reality of a busy career and family life means it’s not always possible to hit the pavement when I want to. Enter e-commerce (as well as m-commerce, for mobile and smartphone users, and t-commerce, for tablet users). Also enter all manner of social media initiatives. I can let my fingers do the tapping or typing grunt work!

Some recent stats, courtesy of Rapid Marketplace, show the following staggering numbers:

  • At some point in 2013, more people will use mobile phones to get online than PCs
  • Over 60% of shoppers search for deals digitally for half of their shopping trips
  • An amazing 80% of mobile users prefer “locally relevant advertising”

Would you like to reach some of the people, who would like to reach you?

While a certain investment of time or money is required to get a website up (a worthwhile endeavor), there are other routes you can take—social media marketing being a prime one—that will allow you to communicate your messages to very people who need to hear them. Online tasks that can be done quite handily, using your contents, in the hands of expert social media strategists, will target your best prospects or clients. While this is being done, you can focus your efforts on building and growing your business.

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