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Open Your Door to Invite the Pinterest Crowd In!

4 min read

If you’re trying to keep up with all the social media venues for your business you’re probably a little overwhelmed unless you have help. (We can help!)

One of the typical goals for business is to drive traffic back to your web site. Ideally your target market will then have an opportunity to be educated about your business or be motivated to buy your product.

Pinterest is an easy way to invite people back to your site. Although we’re talking about images in this post, it’s important to note that videos can be pinned as well!

  1. Create a blog post
  2. Add an interesting image relative to the content of your blog post
  3. Pin the image from your web site onto your Pinterest board (Set up an account if you don’t currently have one)
  4. Interact with others on Pinterest, by repinning and liking other people’s pins.

Here are three Pinterest invitation ideas to help attract visitors to your web site:

  1. If you have a wordpress site, search for Pinterest plugins that will make it easier for visitors to share your images.
  2. Consider creating interesting images that include words, such as a quote or a catchy overview of your blogs subject matter.
  3. Another interesting trick to get people to click through is to include an excerpt of the blog post in the image comment section…. if compelling enough, people will click through to read further.

Also important to note, search engines consider links back to your site as clues to the importance of your site’s content. ┬áPinterest pins & repins are backlinks.