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Picture This: Why Using Images on Your Blog is Important

4 min read

If you have a business, there’s the expectation that you’ll have a Web presence. If you have a Web presence, and a healthy social media presence to go with it, there’s every chance you already blog. If you blog, the old adage that “a picture is worth a thousand words” applies here. There are numerous reasons why you should include images with your blog posts. Here are a few:

  • Visual impact and interest. Images help break up a post’s text content. They punctuate it.
  • Clarification. We can only do so much with words, and sometimes a thoughtfully chosen image, graphic, or even chart will go a long way toward illustrating our points.
  • The ‘searchability’ factor. Images properly ‘coded’ provide additional ways for someone to find your topic or business when they’re searching.
  • More views. Overwhelmingly, blog posts with images garner considerably more views.
  • Engagement. More people will engage you, your product, or your company when you use images. This is especially true for social networking and social media sites.

Arguably, the best source for your images is … you. Even if you don’t have a high-powered, multi-mega pixels camera, chances are your Smartphone is up to the task. And most of us, our Smartphones are wherever we are. If not, sites like Flickr provide ample images you can use. You simply have to read the license rates to find out the ways in which you’re allowed to use a particular image. Finally, you can always punch something like “free public domain images” in Google to find numerous sources.