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Powerful Relationships

5 min read

It’s important to build strong relationships with the key people in your life. Family, spouses, clients, coworkers. The quality of these relationships can directly affect the quality of your life.

If you open yourself up to strangers, those relationships can be powerful as well. Sometimes, that power can be in the form of a quick boost of energy or it can glow with potential for the future.

I’m currently in Phoenix at the stunning Biltmore Resort, I’m here to learn as much as I can about Infusionsoft and the ecosystem surrounding it. I’m looking forward to meeting as many people as possible and learning about their businesses.

Connecting with people who have the potential to build powerful relationships is expected at a conference.

On the plane yesterday, I found myself in the middle seat between two gentlemen. My initial plan was to catch up on my reading so I brought Gary Vaynerchuk’s, the Thank You Economy (he’s speaking today here today!) My 16 year old seat mate, Tony, had other ideas. He chatted with me for hours, I learned about his school, his travels and his inventions…. he was working on one that would allow electric companies to collect energy from rivers without interfering with wildlife. It wasn’t long before my other seat mate began chatting as well. I learned he was heading down to Mexico on behalf of an exhaust supplier to do some problem solving. We talked about his business and his family. I discovered his wife has a wedding decorating business in Jackson, MI which led to the exchange of business cards.

I never expected to make a personal or potential business connection on the plane. I wasn’t even planning to talk to anyone! Even if nothing comes of the exchange professionally, those two gentlemen brought enjoyment into 4 hours of my life.

Once at the Biltmore, I began the search for food, sunshine and water. I found sunshine and Courtney. She looked like she might be an Infusioncon attendee so I sat down with her and introduced myself. We spent the rest of the afternoon drinking martinis and talking. Her travel companions showed up after their golf game and I learned they were here for the American Public Power Association CEO Roundtable. What a great group of people! I shared my story about Tony and his dreams to replace dams with eco-friendly power generators.

I sat down with Courtney planning to make a business connection and I found friendship.

Don’t limit yourself by thinking powerful relationships exist only in business. If you open yourself up to receiving a variety of connections, you may be surprised to discover people can light you up in ways you never imagined.

InfusionCon Note: I’ll be blogging and tweeting (#ICON12 look for the PW!) along with others today. There’s an exciting line up of speakers and events and we even have our own Social Media Lounge! I’m inviting you to follow along as I expect there to be great information that will light up your life!

Photo credit – Zach & Courtney Bloom from Waupun, Wisconsin.