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Real Pro Systems Tip: Clear your Cache

3 min read

Are you a Real Estate Agent with a Real Pro web site?

Recently, I was working on a client’s Real Pro web site. I added a couple of pages and set them up through the customized navigation but one of the sub pages was not displaying. I checked and re-checked my work. I assumed the cache was a problem and checked in an alternate browser. I still couldn’t see it! I called Mark at Real Pro support to help me solve the problem.

Cache: Browsers hold copies of recently accessed web pages on your computer so that it can serve them faster.

It turns out that with RealPro web sites, you are quickly able to clear their cache (so you can see your changes) by typing /clearcache at the end of the URL in the browser window.
For example: would then be Once you hit enter, you’ll be taken to a page that says “System Cache cleared locally.” Hit your back button and you should see all your glorious changes.

If only it were that easy for browsers too!