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How to Repurpose Content from Your Blog

4 min read

And you thought you just needed to write a couple of blog posts!

In truth, blog posts are fabulous pieces of marketing information that create a starting block for so many additional options for information dissemination.

  • String several blog posts on complimentary topics together to create an industry report.
  • Add even more blog posts and you’ve got a book
  • Break your blog posts down into core ideas and you’ve got social media posts for facebook, LinkedIn, or Google+
  • Shave those core ideas down into individual thoughts of 140 characters or less and you’ve got twitter posts.
  • Add an image to that quote and you’ve got more content for facebook and pinterest…
See how this works?

Repurposing your content allows you to reshape and reuse the same content in many different ways. How you share your content and what you share will depend upon the marketing goals you’ve set.  If you’re a speaker, creating a white paper and a slideshow presentation make a lot of sense!  If you’ve got the resources to create video, its another way of extending your content.  You may even begin with posting the video on your blog!

Check out the infographic (another way to repurpose content!) below to get a clear overview of potential content sharing avenues listed by ease of creation. As you’ll see there are many options available to your business. Whatever methods you choose, be sure to consider their alignment with your company marketing goals.

Why Content Marketing is the New Branding - Infographic via Copyblogger