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Develop A New Website Strategy To Help Grow Your Business

Take a deep-dive into your company and website to help improve your business’s online presence.

Is Your Business Website Not Up To Par?

  • Does your company website fail to convert traffic into leads and paying customers?
  • Do you feel your website doesn’t align with the core values of your company?
  • Is the layout of your business’s website old-fashioned and not user-focused?
  • Unsure of where to start in improving your company website?

If you are familiar with any of these common problems, you need “Discovery.”
This is a deep dive into your business and—based on real user feedback and interviews within your company—a new plan for your website and online presence.

Upgrade Your Website

Explore your company values

Part of what makes Discovery so successful is the process of exploring your company’s core values and culture.
Clarifying company values is what we use to help create a website plan that fits your business.

Understand traffic patterns

We research and analyze data from your existing website to gain an understanding of how visitors use your website.
This vital information is presented in an easy-to-consume report for internal use.

Align your business

We help you take your newfound knowledge and data to create a website plan that aligns with your business.
Your website is the first impression for many of your customers, so this is very important.

Service Overview

Discovery is a deep-dive into your company and website. Through interviews within your company, with your clients, real user video feedback, and tracking your website visitor and customer journeys, we evaluate your existing online presence. These evaluations give us a clear direction for improvements that will better serve your website visitors, increase sales and conversions, while representing your company's exceptional culture, values, and branding in its most attractive light.


Cost graphic


30 Days

What's included:

  • Discovery Kick-off exploring your company's strengths, culture, goals, and possible areas of improvement
  • Team & client interviews to determine sentiment, strengths, & areas of improvement
  • Website tracking software installation to monitor and analyze website visitor journey
  • Analysis of website analytics
  • Minimum of 60 minutes of user video feedback
  • Client questionnaires with follow up interviews, as needed, for further insight
  • Behavioral analysis of data
  • Mid-project presentation and discussion of findings
  • Wireframe prototype based on goals and findings that can be taken to any developer for clear direction of improvements recommended
  • End-project presentation with action plan for future
  • Clarity on direction
  • Clarity on what your target market understands
  • Clarity on what your target market wants to see
  • Clarity on how your website needs to adapt to target market desires
  • Clarity on how to best share your company culture online

How Discovery Works


Company and Clients


  • CyberCletch goes deep to understand your target market and give you clear results.
  • We perform interviews and polls within your company and with clients to provide you with all the data you need to succeed with future projects.
  • Additional interviews & polls available
  • Video Feedback

    Real-time User Feedback


  • We set up video feedback so we can analyze how users interact with your website as they verbally share their thoughts in real-time
  • This allows us (and you) to know exactly what people in the marketplace want from your business.
  • Additional videos available
  • Website Analytics

    Data Driven Analysis


  • We install software to monitor your customer journey
  • We install software to watch in real time how users interact with your site and where they click
  • We review and analyze existing website data
  • We may set up analytics if none exist
  • Presentations

    Kick-off, Mid-project, and Results Presentations


  • We offer multiple presentations of our findings so you know what to do moving forward.
  • We also create a wireframe prototype or Vision Map summary based on goals and findings.
  • Discounts on follow-up services available
  • About Pat Williams And CyberCletch

    Pat Williams founded CyberCletch in 2002.
    After studying and training in Behavioral Science Technology, Pat learned how people work and how to bring out the best of each individual. This understanding of human behavior is what Pat uses to help distill data into an effective online web design strategy for clients.

    Pat also offers her expertise in computer, technical, organizational, and managerial skills from both educational and professional experience.

    Supported by her team of business and marketing experts, Pat helps businesses like yours get from where you are to where you want to be.

    What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

    “…attention to detail, technical insight and amazing resources…”

    The Discovery process with the CyberCletch team was really informative and helpful for our Real Estate Team in order to help us design a better website. Pat was able to collect and analyze important feedback and data from focus groups about our team and guide us towards an improved website design that not only looks more modern but delivers a clear message with easily accessible info to our customers. The attention to detail, technical insight and amazing resources from CyberCletch have been so illuminating. I highly recommend CyberCletch for all of your website development and online marketing needs.

    Jeanne O’Keefe
    Realtors / Keller Williams

    “…I value a low-maintenance vendor that gets it right the first time. CyberCletch does!”

    I’ve enlisted the help of CyberCletch for several projects, and am continually impressed with the level of service by Pat and her team. As a sole proprietor, I value a low-maintenance vendor that gets it right the first time. CyberCletch does! In all of my experiences with Pat, she and her team have provided prompt response times, quality performance, and always-professional service — including proactive ideas and suggestions.

    Patty Buccellato
    Author & Image Consultant / Refined Images

    Ready to Develop a New Website Strategy Focused on Growing Your Business?