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Fix This Next Advisor

Save Time And Money By Learning How To Get And Stay On The Path To Business Success with a Certified Fix This Next Advisor

Learn all about the business hierarchy of needs pyramid, where you fall, and what you need to do to get your business on the path to success.

Are you frustrated with the challenges of growing a business with no clue about what the next step should be?

  • Feel like you can’t seem to move on to that next step?
  • Are you stuck on a hamster wheel; working too much and not getting a reasonable return on your efforts?
  • Struggling to even figure out what the next step is?
  • Are you constantly putting out fires and never finding time to proactively plan?
  • Does profitability seem elusive, even after you signed that next client or made that next sale?
  • Do your employees or team members take home more pay than you do?

If any of these common problems sound familiar, you’re in luck.

CyberCletch’s “Fix This Next Advisor” is a service that helps you develop a well-thought-out, clear plan for solving these problems by focusing on the key thing that will get that forward motion going for your business (and sustain it!).

Identify your business’ core needs

A business needs so many things from its owner and it can be hard to identify what you need to address first.
We’ll help you identify what your business needs from you right now to become the best that it can be.

Understand the foundation of those needs

Before you can fix an issue, you need to understand what issue is occurring in the first place. After all, it does no good if you patch a hole in a wall but not remove the termites causing the holes in the first place.
The same idea is applied here. We help you find the root cause of the problem your business is experiencing and why.

Fix the Right Thing – Grow Your Business

We’ll help you build a measurable plan to fix the root needs of your business.
You’ll be able to grow your business by focusing on what your business needs right now to be successful.

Service Overview

The use of a Fix This Next Advisor provides an intensive review of your business. Together we’ll figure out where you’re at on the business hierarchy of needs, identify what’s holding your business back, delve into the specifics of the target area, and develop solutions to help you resolve the challenges holding your business back. Addressing your business's direct and immediate needs allows you to focus on growing instead of surviving.


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What's Included:

  • Fix This Next Evaluation
  • Review Business Hierarchy of Needs with Evaluation
  • Identify the Biggest Challenge Stopping Your Business from Moving Forward
  • Create Clear, Concise, Measurable Goals to Resolve Vital Issue
  • Track Progress to Fix
  • Identify Next Vital Need
  • Repeat as Required
Fix This Next Advisor

Fix This Next Advisor Coaching

Fix This Next Evaluation

Take the Fix This Next Evaluation via the button at the top and bottom of the page. Answer the questions honestly and the system will pinpoint your vital need.


  • Self-directed Quiz
  • Group Coaching

    Small group coaching with monthly virtual meetings


  • Once a month Zoom call
  • Small group of like-minded business owners
  • Review the Business Hierarchy of Needs
  • Determine your businesses vital need
  • Create objectives
  • Monitor metrics
  • Evaluate Plan
  • Nurture success
  • Repeat as needed
  • Email to request next start date
  • Private Coaching

    One-on-one Coaching


  • Two Sessions per month
  • Unlimited email responses
  • Review the Business Hierarchy of Needs
  • Determine your businesses vital need
  • Accountability Follow Up
  • Create company objectives
  • Monitor metrics
  • Evaluate Plan
  • Nurture & adjust for success
  • Repeat as needed
  • Support with the opportunity to resolve vital needs quickly
  • Certified Fix This Next Advisor Logo

    About Pat Williams And CyberCletch

    Pat Williams founded CyberCletch in 2002.
    After studying and training in Behavioral Science Technology, Pat learned how people work and how to bring out the best of each individual. This understanding of human behavior is what Pat uses to help distill data into an effective strategy for clients.

    Pat also offers her expertise in computer, technical, organizational, and managerial skills from both educational and professional experience.

    Supported by her team of business and marketing experts, Pat helps businesses like yours get from where you are to where you want to be.

    What Our Happy Clients Are Saying

    “…knows the big picture…”

    “I recommend anyone who wants to work with someone who knows the big picture and can build it as the customer’s needs evolve. Pat is amazing. She is now in the company of my doctor, accountant and lawyer.”

    Jo Neal

    “…knows her stuff!”

    “Pat Williams is great! Very accessible, informative and knows her stuff!”

    Dinny Evans

    Ready To Get Started?

    Take your free Fix This Next Evaluation and get your business headed in the right direction… up!