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Subdomains versus Internet Pages

4 min read

Did you see our piece on Top-Level Domains (TLDs)? If you were unsure of whether to register your domain name as a .com, .net or .org, well, that article may help demystify the issue for you. This brief tip is intended to point out the differences between subdomains and Internet pages.

A subdomain is like a subdivision! One or more subdomains (or subdomain names) can be ‘nested’ or appear before the Top-Level Domain. If you already own a TLD that works well for you—for instance,–why not make it work for you? Perhaps your company/site has a need for a help page, or a section for members; if it did, you could use the existing TLD to create or How? All hosting packages offer a panel of some kind or another, where you dig into the background and make changes. And most will offer help on how to do that. This is a f-r-e-e technique, in that you don’t have to register a whole new TLD to do it.

Though you may never see the name index.html (or a variation of it such as index.php), that is the name of many/most ‘home’ pages on a website. Other pages—products.html, about.html and so on—are also single Web pages on the same website. For the most part, the Web or Internet page is the very last component in a full Internet website name. In our hypothetical example, if you punched in, you would go to the home page (probably index.html or index.php) for that company. If you punched in, you would ‘land’ directly on the Web page within that company that talked about or sold products.