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How to be Successful at Posting to Your Blog Consistently

4 min read

Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet.

Sonya Levin

I have many good intentions. Eating less, exercising more, blogging consistently. However, none of these things came to fruition simply from my intent. I have to develop a plan and work it regularly.

I prefer to be “inspired” when I write. After years of sporadic posting, I’ve discovered that first I have to create an opportunity for inspiration to grow. I need to set aside time and remind myself exactly what I plan to accomplish in that time.

If you find you have every intention of posting to your blog consistently but don’t do so, here are 4 recommendations:

1) Plan your content out ahead of time. Know what you’re going to write/record about before you start. This gives your ideas time to percolate, until your writing time.
2) Establish a schedule for creating, editing, and posting your content.
3) Follow your plan! (Still working on the eating and exercising!)
4) Develop a strategy for sharing the your content. There are many potential venues!

Don’t water down your marketing with intermittent efforts: A good consistent content strategy will become a hearty meal with the right ingredients.

Don’t forget the onion!

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Bon Appetite!

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