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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Associate with Someone Who Knows

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How much time do you spend searching for answers? Looking for the person who knows how to do xyz?

If you’re a mid to large business, you likely have several of these people on staff, but what if you’re a small business or solopreneur? Much of your time is wasted looking for solutions to simple problems that are not in your area of expertise.

Associate with someone who knows.

This can be a group of trusted advisors, a strong networking group or a company such as CyberCletch. We have clients who ensure they reserve us for a minimum of one hour a month, every month.

The reason?

In having us provide a small regular service, our clients are automatically granted access to our knowledge and contact base when they need it. If we can’t solve your problem, we direct you to someone who can, saving you frustration AND hours of your valuable time. Keeping your personal consultant a phone call away is a smart investment in your business.

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