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Do It With Heart

3 min read

Why are we so obsessed with love? And yet… it seems so elusive.

One person’s love is not another’s. This is a universal wisdom; no two love’s should be the same. It seems we have to work hard to find the perfect match and yet… we really don’t. So many of us don’t know how to work at it, or we settle for less than what we need.

Instead, work hard at discovering love within yourself, and the rest will fall into place. Spend time getting to know yourself. Your strengths and your weaknesses, this knowledge will make it easier to recognize the right person when they come along.

The same is true at work. Spend time evaluating what you love to do. Discover which tasks bring you happiness and contentment. Then determine a way to focus on those things.

Leave the rest up to someone… like us.

Happy Valentine’s Day. May you be filled with love at home and work – EVERY day of the year.