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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Don’t Get Caught With Your Pages Down!

4 min read

The new timeline has been published have you added the main image yet?

The large banner image is a great opportunity to tastefully display your business attributes, but remember, no blatant advertising! Calls to action, discount advertisements, web addresses and phone numbers are considered a no-no.

If you haven’t added the new banner image, this is what your page will look like:

Facebook Business Page without main image


You can use any image for your timeline cover banner:

Real-Estate-Tourist facebook timeline banner

(You’ll need to start with a high quality image, or your timeline banner will be pixelated)

Or you can custom create an image that highlights important facts about your business:

CyberCletch Facebook Timeline Banner

When creating your custom timeline banner, the size should be 851 pixels wide by 315 pixels high.

Right click on the above image and save to your computer as a reference for your timeline images.

Facebook Timeline Image Sizes

Sizes in pixels:
Timeline cover banner: 851 x 315
Profile picture: 180 x 180
Custom tab app thumbnail: 111 x 74
Tab page size: 810 wide
Thumbnail: 90 x 90
Ad image: 110 x 80
Post Highlight Image: 843 x 403
General photo album image size: 403 wide