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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Interesting Characters

3 min read

How many times have you needed or wanted to use an accented or other special character in an e-mail or a note, only to be foiled because

  • your e-mail program uses plain text (as it might in a browser like Chrome)
  • your text editor doesn’t support it
  • you can’t find insert on the menu of the program you’re using?

We’re talking about words like cliché, characters like ½, or other symbols such as in .10¢.

Windows has always had this great little tool called Character Map. If you have no other easier way, that’s the ticket to inserting accented characters or special symbols.

In Windows XP, Vista, or 7, click the Start button, and then click Run. Type charmap, and press Enter. The most common accented or special characters will be found in the window you’re looking at. Scroll, click the character you want, click Select, and then click Copy. In your e-mail or note, position the cursor and click Paste (or press CTRL-v). Voilà! Can’t find what you need? Click the checkbox for Advanced view, and type your term in the Search for box.

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