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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Listen to Advice AND Your Heart

4 min read
  • Laser focus.
  • Avoid brand confusion.
  • Be clear on your target market.

We all know this is good advice because we hear it over and over again, and yet, I don’t follow it. If you follow me on twitter you probably are confused by what I do. Am I Realtor? Am I in marketing? Am I the manager of a multi-virtual assistant team? Am I a blogger?




And yes.

I am all of those things, and a few more. Now you’re probably wondering why I allow the brand confusion to continue, since I so obviously know better…

Anything you do in your business (and mine) is based on your goals. Your business goals are affected by your personal goals. In my case, each of the tasks I do fulfills a day-to-day need to be stimulated and plays a part in achieving my 5 year goal as well. You may not see it, but I do. Clearly.

Don’t get caught up in the “should” and “must” ideals of everyman‘s goals. It’s February, the perfect time to slow down and determine if you’ve listened to your heart’s desire. If you are able to meet your needs and do what makes you happy, then following your heart is the best guide to your business plan.

Depending on your goals, a laser focused, brand-centric plan may best suit your goals.

Either way, a business plan is needed, even if it doesn’t “appear” to follow traditional avenues.

Do you have one?