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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Long Tail Key Words

3 min read

Does it feel like you’ve put hours and dollars into your business’ website, and yet, nobody is actually visiting?

What you need for success is a proper application of SEO – search engine optimization.

Here is an important tip to help you:

If you are in a highly competitive market: Use long tail keywords.

Consider how people may search for your product or service. For example, if you’re selling real estate – “buy real estate” will be in everyone’s keywords and therefore highly competitive. The chances of your site appearing high on the list of search engine results for home buyers, are slim. But “buy waterfront homes in Commerce Township” is much more specific and could help you gain the exposure you need. You are not limiting yourself by being more keyword targeted, you’re focusing on people with specific needs. They are more likely to connect with what you’re selling and competition may not be as fierce.