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Tuesday’s Time Saving Tips: 6 Recommendations for More Effective Meetings

4 min read

The work day is crazy. We book a meeting and all of a sudden the date and time is looming, and we’re not prepared. So much time is wasted in meetings!

Whether your meeting location is across the conference table, over the phone or on the web, here are some quick tips to make your meetings more effective:

  1. Plan, plan, plan! Book the meeting and jot down your agenda ideas. Keep the document on your desktop so you can add to the points of discussion/consideration between scheduling and the meeting day. Planning includes determining whether a meeting is required in the first place; consider whether the same results can be achieved via email.
  2. Send an agenda out to all participants 24 hours to a week ahead of time. Request their feedback in advance or ask them to be prepared to present their input during the meeting. Give/ask for a time frame to complete their presentation.
  3. Create the schedule and final agenda prior to the start of the meeting.
  4. Stick to the agenda and to the task at hand. There’s nothing more frustrating than late start because social time between participants delays it.
  5. Keep attendees on task throughout meeting so the pace is maintained by ensuring all are actively participating.
  6. Finish with an effective follow up plan. Be clear on who is responsible for what. Document decisions and email a summary to each attendee with necessary deadlines.
  7. Following these 6 meeting recommendations will create more effective meetings while freeing time for you and your attendees to accomplish other important tasks.