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Tuesday’s Time Saving Tips: Think Delegation BEFORE You’re Buried

4 min read

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you started out loving what you do. The job is exciting, you’re passionate about your work. Why else would you work so hard for such long periods of time?

Long term, you can’t maintain that initial start up pace or you’ll eventually face burnout. You’ll become tired and find yourself buried in tiny tasks required to accomplish the big picture. The tasks you’ll no longer enjoy doing.

If you let yourself get to this point, you’ll lose the passion for your business.

Consider delegating BEFORE you’re buried.

As you work on your business, contemplate the steps you’re performing and evaluate the following:

  • Do I enjoy doing this?
  • Is this task part of my skill set? Will I spend a lot of time learning how to complete this task rather than doing it?
  • Is this the best use of my time? Could I be earning more money or would I be happier and more efficient performing a different task?
  • If I don’t enjoy this task, how much time do I waste avoiding it?
  • What are the steps I perform so I could pass all or a portion of of this task onto someone else?
  • What type of skills would someone need to complete this task effectively?

If you evaluate your tasks before you’re desperate for help, you’ll be halfway to actual delegation. Too many of our clients come to us when they are overwhelmed and too busy to slow down to determine HOW they want us to help them.

You may even consider delegating smaller tasks BEFORE you actually require help. This way, when the need to delegate is critical, you’ve already tested and found a reliable assistant who is ready, willing and CAPABLE of delivering the results you expect.

And if you’re already buried? Call me, I’ve got a shovel.

Photo Credit: vernhart / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0