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Video: Presentation & Video Tips from an Image Coach

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Welcome to CyberCletch’s first video interview!

Many years ago, I worked as a freelance writer for a small town newspaper. My favorite articles involved nature; both wild and human. Learning about people and the environment excited me. I looked forward to asking questions and summarizing what I learned on paper.

With practice, I hope video interviews will be a medium to breathe that wonder back into my life again.

Patty Buccellato of Refined Images

Patty Buccellato founded her company, Refined Images, in 1993. She is a Certified Image Professional, a member of the Association of Image Consultants International, and has a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising. She provides individual image consulting services, as well as corporate training, working with employee groups and helping them best present themselves in the workplace. She works with traditional, formal industries and with newer, more casual environments and helps people discover how their image can help them achieve their career goals.

Guy Kawasaki, spoke about “dressing for a tie” during a presentation discussing his book Enchantment, Patty Buccellato differs, as she believes that if you are working in a serving professions or making a presentation you should always dress up a level in order to demonstrate respect and reverence for the business at hand.

With the advent of video conferences, people who work from home now need to be more aware of their image, grooming and how they dress (from the waist up) on camera. Buccellato says statistics show that women who wear makeup out-earn those who do not. This statistic distresses me because a woman’s professional value should never be determined by how feminine she looks, but years of research show that people make snap judgments based on visual cues. It just underscores how image continues to be very important when it comes to earning potential.

When planning to dress for a video conference, wear clothes of the ideal fit, apply make up a little heavier than normal, and consider how you will look against your chosen background on video. When dressing, avoid loud prints, patterns, and material with a heavy sheen because they distract from the message of the speaker.

Patty Buccellato believes people should dress with a goal in mind. She discusses this belief in a recent collaborative book, Stepping Stones to Success: Experts Share Strategies for Mastering Business, Life and Relationships. She offers an audio training bonus with each book; how to be “Camera Ready.”

To learn more from Patty Buccelato, visit her web site, follow her on twitter or like her Facebook page.