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Virus and Spyware Protection

3 min read

Save yourself time, money, and potentially major grief by having installed and keeping updated some kind of Internet protection suite. The three most common threats to online computer use are: cybercrime, Spyware, and viruses.

Many Internet service providers—the folks who you pay every month to host/allow your Internet connection—have f-r-e-e services or monthly paid plans that include protection for just about any kind of online threat. Of course, you can purchase your own protection by buying and installing programs like Norton Internet Security or AVG Internet Security. Norton is consistently ranked #1 in terms of online security, while AVG continues to grow in popularity and is a little less expensive than Norton.

The key to effective online security, whichever suite of products you choose, is in keeping it updated. Yes, it can be annoying, but without constant updates to the ‘definitions’ used (this tells the software what’s new out there in terms of threats), you won’t be protected. Ask yourself: is an annual cost of $60-$80 worth it to protect your valuable information and identity?