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Windows Keyboard Shortcuts

4 min read

Most PC users know that when they press the Windows (logo) key on the keyboard, the Start menu appears (this also works in Windows 8, by the way, except you simply see Start). In point of fact, there are several other keys you can press with the Windows key. These are efficiency tools, and depending on your keyboarding skills, using the following shortcuts is sometimes the fastest way to do Windows-related tasks. This is not an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts—if we count them all, including these, there are 100 or more—but the following few will help you around the Windows operating system.

Windows key – press on its own for the Start menu
Windows key + D – press to minimize all open windows and show the desktop
Windows key + E – press to open the Explorer (Computer) window
Windows key + F – start Windows’ Find function
Windows key + L – begin the log-off process
Windows key + R – press to launch the Run dialog box

As we said, there are more than the ones you see above; most of those, by the way, should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8. One last one, and it’s one we use all the time: instead of having to click a running program or open window on the Taskbar, there’s an easier way. Press the ALT key plus the Tab key, simultaneously. Keep pressing the Tab key (while holding ALT) until you see what you need. Let go of the keys! This is called task-switching.