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WordPress Free Plugin Vs Premium Plugin: Which Is Better?

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What’s the difference between using FREE and PREMIUM plugins? Which WordPress plugin is better?

Free is best right? Not always.

WordPress free plugin vs premium plugin; read on to determine which is best for your situation.

Since WordPress is an open-source product, many people can pitch in to improve it by creating themes or plugins.

Plugins allow us to build a website more affordably by adding functionality to WordPress with plugins developed by others.

WordPress Free Plugin Vs Premium Plugin: What is the difference?

The main difference between using free and premium plugins on a WordPress website is the level of functionality and support they provide.

Free plugins are available to download from the WordPress plugin repository and can be easily installed on a website. They typically have fewer features and functionalities compared to premium plugins, but they are a good option for those on a tight budget or who are just starting out with a website.

Premium plugins, on the other hand, are paid and typically offer more advanced features and functions. They may also come with additional options like regular updates, support, and access to documentation. These plugins are typically more reliable, stable and secure as they are under active development, maintenance and support.

Additionally, free plugins may not have the same level of security, and may not be updated as frequently as premium plugins. Check when it was last updated and read through the reviews before installing it on your site. 

Premium plugins may also have more customization options, which can be useful for websites that have and need more advanced design or functionality.

It’s important to evaluate your website and decide:  WordPress free plugin vs premium plugin.  It’s not just which is better but also which is more appropriate for your needs.

WordPress Free Plugin Vs Premium Plugin: Compatibility and Security

Free PluginPremium Plugin
Before downloading a Free plugin, check to see if it is compatible with your version of WordPress.A Paid plugin usually has an upfront fee or an annual recurring fee.
Developers may build something, put it on the marketplace and then move on without providing ongoing security or functionality updates to the plugin.Essentially, all users are paying the developer to continue to update the plugin and ensure it is compatible with all new releases of WordPress.

WordPress Free Plugin Vs Premium Plugin: Customization and Support

Free PluginPremium Plugin
Often Free plugins will add basic functionality that you want in your site.A Paid plugin typically has a higher level of support if you come across issues during installation and use.
Developers often sell upgrades with additional functionality to cover their costs of building it.Customizations may also be possible, if needed.
The Free versions are meant to get you hooked on their plugin.