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You CAN Do It Right

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“You do stuff because you can, not because you should, or you do it right.”
Scott Stratten

I see this all the time with Realtors and solopreneurs. When new technology is introduced, the tendency is to do the very minimum rather than step out of an existing comfort zone and be creative. For example, with QR codes it’s easier to tell clients you are using the current technology and point it to a non-mobile site because you’re already doing more than your competitors with minimal investment.

Is Scott Stratten correct? Is this an opportunity that can help you can stand out from your competitors? Absolutely.

Do Realtors have time in this market to add more onto their plate when the time and effort involved to take a real estate transaction from listing to closing has been significantly increased in many markets? Typically not.

Does the average real estate agent or entrepreneur have the money in their budget to pay someone to set up systems that will help them stand out from their competitors? Most will say they don’t.

Realtors and solopreneurs fail to realize there is another option.

You can make lump sum payments to a company to create and carry out a strategy. If you have the cash flow to make the investment, this is the best option because you’ll see the rewards sooner.

Or you can create a strategy and set a monthly budget. Have a marketing team work towards your strategy every month. You’ll see slower results but you’ll know whether the strategy is working or needs to be adjusted. It will allow you the time and the budget flexibility to get it right. Standing out from the competition now – or six months from now – is still better than doing nothing at all.

Either way, you CAN do it right.

I first saw this video on Inman blog post Thought Leaders Drop Knowledge on Real Estate. Take a moment and read the article, it has additional suggestions that can help your business.

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