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Funneling Business into Your Sales Funnel

Has your sales funnel sprung any leaks? Are your services (or products) attractive enough to convince a suspect to have a second look, become a prospect, or better yet, committed? Recognizing and acting on every phase of the sales funnel will help stop leaks, and gain you more business. You don’t get to talk to […]

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Happy New Year from CyberCletch!

I have always loved New Year’s Eve. Many years ago, our house was the place the be on New Year’s Eve. Our guests would stay for days because they’d travel long distances to help us celebrate the incoming year. Intermittently over the decades, I’ve created a journal entry on New Year’s Day, updating myself on […]

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Happy Holidays! #Gratitude

The other day I handed a gift to a 7 year old and he promptly told me he didn’t like what I gave him, and then went on to explain what I should have given him instead. Even though I was taken aback by his poor manners and lack of gratitude, I couldn’t help but […]

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Organizing Content Publications

In past posts we’ve covered: 7 Reasons Why Content Creation is Important How to be Successful at Posting to Your Blog Consistently The Kind of Content We Should Share and How to Repurpose Content From Your Blog In this article, I’m sharing my personal techniques for organizing content publications. When I strategize content for my […]

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How to Repurpose Content from Your Blog

And you thought you just needed to write a couple of blog posts! In truth, blog posts are fabulous pieces of marketing information that create a starting block for so many additional options for information dissemination. String several blog posts on complimentary topics together to create an industry report. Add even more blog posts and […]

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How to be Successful at Posting to Your Blog Consistently

Good intentions are not enough. They’ve never put an onion in the soup yet. Sonya Levien (screenwriter) I have many good intentions. Eating less, exercising more, blogging consistently. However, none of these things came to fruition simply from my intent. I have to develop a plan and work it regularly. I prefer to be “inspired” […]

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Giving Thanks & The Thank You Economy

For those of us living in the USA, this coming weekend is Thanksgiving, but I’ll be back in Canada helping my mother (Thanksgiving was last month in Canada). Although I won’t be cooking turkey or having a large family dinner, I don’t need those things to remember to be grateful. I consider my blessings daily; […]

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What Kind of Content Should I Share?

So many entrepreneurs are so ensconced in the day-to-day activities of their business, it’s near difficult for them to slow down and do the planning required to create a solid content strategy. So often I hear them ask, “What kind of content should I share?” I’m sure you’re no different. You’re wondering if sharing all […]

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7 Reasons Why Content Creation is Important

You keep hearing people buzzwords like  “Content is King!”,  content strategy, content marketing, and you wonder if all the hype means something. It does. The marketing environment is changing and those changes are being driven by consumers. Their time is valuable and if they are spending time being pitched to – you – the marketer […]

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Using Boilerplate Text as Templates in Word

Back in the 1980s and 1990s, when I used to make a pretty good living as a document and/or word processing expert, we had all sorts of nifty ways to create ‘boilerplate’ text. Boilerplates are anything from snippets of documents to full-blown, fill-in-the-blanks letters. They can be created simply, by saving blocks of text, or […]

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