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3 Key Apps to Organize Your Business Now

4 min read

At this point, most business people have Smartphones or tablets. You take them wherever they go. By investing a little time, and in some cases, a few dollars, you can get apps for your device that will help you quickly organize and locate the information you need at your fingertips. This brief post will introduce you to three key apps to get you started.

  1. Sharing information is critically important today, and one of the challenges we face is getting it from our computer to Smartphone or tablet, or the reverse. Bump is an interesting program that lets you select files from any device, and then literally ‘bump’ the spacebar of your computer.
  2. Have one or more large files to transfer? In an earlier tip, we talked about Dropbox, Box, and a host of other file sharing programs. YouSendIt, however, predates many of them. It allows you to send or receive (or store) files of almost any size. You can trial this product for free. And some great news: YouSendIt seamlessly integrates with other programs like Outlook.
  3. Dragon has been the industry leader for possibly decades in terms of speech recognition. They now have Dragon Dictation for the iPhone or iPad, and Dragon Mobile Assistant for Android-based devices. Why type it when you can speak it? Find more information about Dragon’s mobile products here: