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When hiring an Online Business Manager, look for someone with all the skills and temperament of an Air Traffic Controller. You’d be surprised at the number of similarities in job requirements between the two professions! Organization, time management, and communication skills are balanced by the ability to triage tasks in a crisis, stay calm under pressure, and deliver great customer service in a fast-paced work environment.

Whether searching for a skilled ATC or hiring the perfect OBM, you want someone who can keep track of all your planes in the air. A good Online Business Manager or Project Manager is comfortable with creating and maintaining systems and processes to keep your projects running smoothly and on-time. She manages not only her own work product and schedule, but manages the work and time of all employees or contractors who contribute to each project. When a single deadline is missed, the result is delays for everyone depending on the data or product from that task for their own piece of the project. One late departure has a domino effect on all the rest of the day’s flights, leaving passengers and airlines unhappy: This is never acceptable to either professional.

An Air Traffic Controller must communicate to each pilot where and when their planes must be at all times, to avoid collisions. Communication and management skills are a must. Project Managers (PM) must manage people and resources to get all the tasks done on time and on budget so that all your projects are done professionally and profitably.

Triaging and crisis management isn’t just for ATCs. Online Business Managers know that not everything goes smoothly on every task. How does she handle missed deadlines, personality conflicts, and sudden changes in mission parameters? Even while handling a crash, your OBM must have the ability to triage the tasks and projects still to be done, and recover her balance on the go.

Managing projects is much like managing air traffic. It takes skill, patience, good judgement, and the ability to handle and recover quickly from a crisis…all while remaining calm and focused. You are expecting and paying for skill and experience. The perfect Online Business Manager is very much like the ideal Air Traffic Controller; worth her weight in gold, but working hard for a fair wage and your respect!

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