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Funneling Business into Your Sales Funnel

4 min read

Has your sales funnel sprung any leaks? Are your services (or products) attractive enough to convince a suspect to have a second look, become a prospect, or better yet, committed? Recognizing and acting on every phase of the sales funnel will help stop leaks, and gain you more business.

You don’t get to talk to or interact with business suspects, so maybe you need to take a step back and look at what you’re doing to attract them. If you’re already visible and active in social media, now is always the time to examine which social media/marketing channel is bringing leads into your funnel. This is important. Generally speaking, social media allows you to reach potential buyers earlier in the sales process. You’re given an opportunity to attract interest, and whenever possible, create interaction.

Once someone moves through your sales funnel from prospect to qualified prospect, you’ve reached an all-important stage, and are a step away from having a committed buyer. This is the time for action. You need to follow-up. You need to ensure that there are no alarm bells or red flags in your customer’s mind. You need to ensure that s/he can easily get from the about-to buy stage to the buy stage, with as few steps and complications as possible.

We talk about social media management and engagement a lot, and it’s fitting to conclude this post on that note. If you have a Facebook Page, or a blog, you’re call to action must be to make it simple for someone to ‘move’ from those places, to your website or sales page. In Web development and e-commerce, this is sometimes related to the ‘drill-down’ effect. In short, ask yourself this: how many clicks does it take for a potential client to reach my sales page? The fewer, the better. The easier this process, the higher your conversion rate is likely to be.

If you need a fresh set of eyes to look at your sales funnel, let us know and we’ll be happy to consult!