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Ready, Set, GROW!

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Without boring you with details of the history of this company, the simple explanation is CyberCletch has been exactly what I needed, when I needed it. It was a company built around the needs of my family. It was a secondary income for the majority of the years I’ve been in business, so I ran it as such. I rarely took a paycheck, instead, I reinvested the money into education, it’s people or products. I never watched my profit margin very closely because I didn’t have to.

All that has changed this year.

Not only do I have to watch my expenses, I need to be sure I earn a base amount every month in order to survive. It’s been a challenge to say the least. It’s not that the business isn’t there, contrary to what the economy is doing, my business is in a major growth phase. I’ve planted grass seeds and the shoots are zooming towards the sunlight. My problem is that someone has placed a GIANT METAL CLOCK on precisely the place my grass is growing.

My issue is not lack of business, it’s lack of time. The very problem I assist my clients with!

I need more time to put policies and procedures in place for product offerings, my clients and the Virtual Assistants working with me. Instead I find my day is filled with project management, talking with existing clients, potential clients and covering vacations. There isn’t any time left for developing my own business structure. Simultaneously, I understand that in order to take my business to the next step within a short term (a 33% profit increase within the next 9 months), it’s paramount I put that structure in place now.

I thought I’d invite you along on my journey, perhaps we can both learn through this process.

Today, I am meeting with a consultant to discuss his services and how he can help me find the focus I need. I’ll be honest, I’m a skeptic when it comes to consultants and coaches, simply because I am already a driven, goal oriented person. I do what I set out to do. Since I am analytical, I am able to evaluate and educate myself. Time is the reason I am willing to speak with this person. If he can save me time with his input, advice and direction, allowing me to focus on making more money, he will be well worth the investment.

On the other hand, if he’s not, I’ll be disappointed and will need to make up more money over the next 9 months!

Today I decide whether to risk what I can’t really afford in order to make a longer term gain.
Sound familiar?

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