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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Crack Kills

3 min read

It’s true.

You’ll be walking along working hard, thinking you’ve got everything under control, even though you’re very busy. More and more work is coming in, you’re stretched a little, but your bottom line looks great. You turn your head for a minute and when you look back, you’re astonished you’ve lost several clients between the cracks.

Cracks are those areas you let go when you’re overwhelmed. Customer engagement, lead generation, support, monitoring, maintenance and anywhere else you may be dropping the ball. This is a natural business cycle when you are growing your business. More and more areas require attention and there’s only so much of you to go around.

If you’re too busy to fill the cracks in your business, because they take you away from what you do best, then call us. We’re Business Spackle. We fill the cracks in your business and protect your income by keeping your current and future clients safely engaged.

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