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Tuesday Time Saving Tips: Use Twitter Advanced Search

3 min read

Looking for new leads?
Looking for people in your industry to connect with?

Try using Twitter’s advanced search service to help you get pointed in the right direction.

Below is a quick and simple example to get your creative juices flowing. The search term is “house hunting” and I added a location search parameter. Results displayed are from people who had tweeted “house hunting” from a location within 15 miles of Columbus.

Twitter Advanced Search - House Hunting

As you can see the opportunities are nearly endless.

  • You can search negative sentiments about a competitor and offer an alternative.
  • You can search for mentions of your products or
  • statements by people relating to your services.
  • You can use it to monitor trends,
  • get leads,
  • find product feedback,
  • offer customer support,
  • search for future employees,
  • or simply to discover people who have the similar interests as you.

See search operators for more specific search parameter examples.